Size guide

When it comes to schoolwear, sizing can be confusing.  We know that trying to work out the correct size to order for your child isn’t always easy. 

Primary school uniform sizes are mainly in age; for secondary school, uniform sizes are most often in inches of chest, waist or length, depending on the garment.

Hopefully the guide below will help to make things as easy as possible for you.

NB: We advise that blazers are tried for the best fit at our pop-up shops.

Boys size chart

Age (Years)345678910111213141516
Chest Size212223242526272829.531323435.537
Collar Size11111111.512121212.51313.51414.51515.5
Waist Size20.52121.52222.5232425262728293031.5

Girls size chart

Age (Years)345678910111213141516
Chest Size212223242526272829.53132.5343637.5
Collar Size20.52121.52222.52323.524.5252526272829.5
Waist Size21.523242526.527.52930.531.53334.5363839.5

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